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Holiday design rental


Ensure your commercial building or office is filled with holiday spirit!  At Sin City Plants, we create custom holiday designs and decor perfect for elevating your office space. Need help at home?  We also provide residential services, with our most popular being custom tree decoration or rentals.

Our holiday designs include:

  • Poinsettias 
  • Decorated Wreaths
  • Garland 
  • Custom Decorated Trees
  • Residential Custom Tree Decoration

Whether you want live or artificial foliage, our holiday decorating service goes above and beyond to ensure your commercial building has a fun, festive atmosphere.

Our professional team can design enchanting layouts well within your budget and work with your color scheme as well as your design ideas to transform your building during the holiday season. 

While customers can lease trees, garlands, and wreaths, some of our Christmas decorations—including our holiday flowers—are purchased.